Why Videos Should Be the Mainstay of Your Content Marketing


Content marketing is gaining traction at a rapid pace and establishing itself as the most effective tool for building relationships with the customers. In the vast ocean of data and visual clutter, one piece of content stands out from the rest – high-quality videos. If a picture paints a thousand words, then videos are able to say much more than that. They can evoke emotions and transmit messages in an instant. Thus, it is time to step up your game and make the most of this trend that shows no signs of fading away in the foreseeable future.

Video stars gain prominence

In the today’s digital realm, content is king. But, not all content is created equal and it also takes many different forms. If we had to recognize the supreme reign of any online entity, we would go for quality videos. According to some estimates, by the end of this year, videos will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic. In 2019, this share will reach a staggering 80 percent and at that point, it would take five million years for an individual to watch every video that exists on the internet.

YouTube has already become the second largest search engine with over a billion unique monthly users, which is more than any other social channel and Bing, Yahoo, and AOL combined. World-renowned brands are posting content there and many startups have managed to pierce through the noise and spark interest. Some businesses have capitalized on user-generated content, which is a powerful engagement tool as well as an excellent way to build trust and reputation.

What is more, 96% of users assert that videos help them in making buying decisions and 40% of them admit that positive brand perception is nurtured as a result. This is to say that video production brings tangible benefits, influencing sales and revenues. Furthermore, every now and then, viral videos rock the cyber galaxy. They capture the imagination of whole generations and serve as talking points for months. This kind of buzz can hardly be generated using articles or even images.

Moving up the ranks

Taking into account these mind-boggling numbers, it is clear that video content could be your ticket to global visibility and reach. The only hurdle on the road to dazzling success comes in the form of limited funds. Producing a stellar video is not cheap, but there are ways to conserve resources, such as using do-it-yourself apps like Periscope, for example. However, you can also rely on companies that provide professional video production in Sydney, New York, London, and other hubs and regions across the globe.

After all, a great piece of content is likely to pay dividends in the long run and offset the expenditures. To facilitate this positive outcome, you can share the content on social media and witness the avalanche of social signals coming your way. Also, make sure to optimize the videos for mobile devices and format them to work across multiple screen sizes. Other basic rules of content marketing apply, so tailor the videos to the preferences of the target audience.

Finally, let us not forget that Google places a high value on video content and takes it as a ranking factor. Like it or not, SEO and content marketing are interwoven, and the experience you offer to users has a profound impact on both. Search engines want to entice marketers to play the long-term game and to do it fair and square. Hence, the best shot you have to make it to the forefront of SERPs is to add real value and grab attention naturally.


Key to greatness

The internet is an extremely visual medium and the demand for videos will only continue to grow in 2017 and beyond. Therefore, regardless of the scale of your company, video production is a must, for both entertainment and education purposes. It gives you a chance to garner attention and loyalty of a huge audience and set yourself apart from the crowd. Master the art of visual storytelling and get ahead of the curve. Remember to also pay close attention to its distribution in order to get the most bang for your buck.

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