How to Use Guerrilla Marketing to Successfully Promote Your App?


If we were to describe the situation in the world of marketing using warfare terminology, we would say that startups and SMBs are constantly outgunned, outnumbered and fighting an uphill battle. Let’s face it, money solves problems and major conglomerates can always out-invest their smaller counterparts.

However, throughout history, we’ve had countless situations where token forces managed to emerge victorious against all odds. How? Well, with the use of unconventional tactics and guerrilla warfare. Needless to say, something similar can be used in the world of marketing, as well. With this in mind, here are several ways you can use guerrilla marketing to successfully promote your app, even in the oversaturated market.

1.     Start a social media contest

One of the best ways to minimize both effort and the amount of resources invested towards the creation of your content is to start a contest. This way, you are letting your audience take the lead and you can use their initiative to your advantage. The greatest expense you will have here is the prize; however, the ROI is always worth it. Furthermore, you don’t have to offer anything expensive in order to make it compelling. For instance, you could promote your winners across your platform or even offer them a free premium version of your app.

2.     Go viral

While it is true that there is no exact formula for going viral, there are more than a few things that are known to work. For instance, releasing on Monday or Tuesday significantly boosts your odds of success. Moreover, before you even start shooting, you need to find a way to tell a story through your content and the key ingredient in this is knowing who you are telling it to. Apart from this, you also need to find a way to make your video a bit shorter, in order to make it less intimidating. Time mark, thumbnail and a title are the three most important tools you can use in order to draw people in.

3.     Print promotional products

Even though online marketing may currently seem as a driving force of marketing, the truth is that by turning towards traditional methods, you can sometimes turn the odds in your favor. Earlier on, we mentioned offering inexpensive gifts as rewards, so why not use your own promotional products like a t-shirt with the logo of your app on it? Due to the nature of your industry, most of your competitors will barely have any representation in this field, which may be a great opportunity. Furthermore, the price of custom bulk t-shirt printing is so low that you can even decide to hand-out these items as participation prizes, further expanding your reach.


4.     Go out in the street

Finally, as we already mentioned, most app developers resort to exclusively digital means, which is why hitting the streets may help you differentiate and therefore gain a competitive edge. Sure, traditional marketing usually seems like something reserved for a bit older demographic but through street art, you can easily reach the millennial and teen audiences. In a situation where they are the primary target of your app, this method could be incredibly effective.

Some of the above-listed tips represent a slight alteration of the mainstream product placement methods, while others encourage tapping into something completely outside-of-the-box. Since most of these methods are low-cost, they create a unique low-risk-high-reward scenario, especially convenient for SMBs and startups. At the end of the day, the results are what counts the most.

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