A Few Tips for Corporate Blogs


Content marketing is definitely one of the more effective types of digital marketing and in order to do it the right way, you will want to feature a blog on your company website. Most companies understand this and they kick off their blogs with a lot of pomp. Then, after a few weeks (perhaps months), the realities of running a blog regularly set in and the blog ends up an afterthought. Other companies simply do not know what to do with their blog.

In any case, a very larger percentage of companies waste their opportunity to wow the world with their content. So, how do you do it? How do you run a corporate blog the right way?

Well, here are a few tips.

Let everyone get involved

One of the worst things companies do with their blog is that they assign only one person to run it and produce content for it. Who says that your accountant wouldn’t like to share his or her opinion on a specific subject on your blog? Who says they wouldn’t be able to produce great content? Who says that Jenny from HR is not a video whiz and could produce great video blog posts for your company?

Do not turn this into an obligation. If someone wants to contribute, great. If not, it’s just as well. If you do start getting contributions from other people in your company, it is essential that their content is checked and that it is in tune with the company’s policies and practices.

Make sure the infrastructure is sound

This may sound a bit boring, but the truth is that blogs are not just about content. Blogs are about looking nice, enabling quick loading of the articles and much, much more. Some companies whose existing websites are not best suited for blogs or who want a bit of variety even decide to go for additional managed WordPress hosting for their blog needs and this is perfectly fine.

As long as your visitors will enjoy spending time on your blog and have a great experience browsing the content, you are doing it right.

Consider video

We have already touched upon it previously, but it is so important that we feel we should cover it separately – video content.

Up until relatively recently, producing videos that can pass off as even half-professional was a difficult and expensive task which most companies could not afford to do. More recently, it has become possible to create fantastic videos with nothing more than a smartphone and a web-based video editing solution.

Video content is much more interesting than simple textual content and it gets far more attention on social media.

If you are struggling for ideas, you can always resort to some old classics such as how-to videos, a day-in-the-life of the company vids and employee interviews that will show your company as a great employer and a fantastic place to pursue a career.

Produce varied content

There is nothing more boring and frankly annoying than a company blog that is packed only with 5 Things to accomplish X articles, or some other common formula. People have grown tired of such blogs and they want variety.

Your blog should provide it for them.

This is not saying that tried and tested types of articles are completely pointless (since you can say a lot in them), but you should try and approach your industry from more innovative angles.

BigCloud, a company that does recruitment for big data and analytics companies does this fantastically. Their blog is a smorgasbord of innovative topics and innovative ways to tackle popular ones. They do a fantastic mix of current and timeless themes and they do not drone on in their articles.

You should also never be afraid to put your opinion forward when we are talking industry insights. People want to hear what companies really think and how the approach certain topics. Rehashing the stuff that has been written a billion times before will get you nowhere.

Don’t get bogged down in “blogging rules”

You will encounter this type of stuff everywhere – companies should have between 3 and 5 blog updates every week; the best time to blog is on Tuesdays afternoon; your blog posts have to be this long.

All of this doesn’t matter when all is said and done. Sure, these things can have some tiny influence on how your blog is doing, but it is not like they will really make a difference.

If you have content that is well-written and innovative, people will read it whenever you publish and share it. If it is boring content, no scheduling tricks will help it.

Also, when you constantly think in terms of the word-count, you limit yourself and you end up with formulaic articles that seem really unnatural.

Avoid it.

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