How to Take Your Content Marketing to Another Level


Content marketing has been around for a while, but unfortunately, many people still do it the wrong way. It may not have been the wrong way when they started, but time has definitely passed them by. They are still stuck in the 500-word articles era where no one cared where the links come from and whether the users are getting any actual value from the content.

Content marketing has definitely come a long way from there and, despite what many people want you to think, it still works very well.

The important thing is to take it to another level.

Explore New Types of Content

We have already mentioned the boring old articles that spin the same thing over and over again without saying anything of any value. These can still be interesting, but the content really has to be spectacular. In order to mix things up, however, you will need to look at alternative types of content.

For instance, many ecommerce websites have started going for buying guides where they help their potential customers find the best way to choose a product that they will need (and that the ecommerce store sells, of course). These guides are not only great for boosting the SEO value of the website, but they can also be used to promote the business in a more direct way and to bring new visitors to the website.

More and more companies are also investing in white papers and research that they can then publish on their website. This is especially true for B2B companies because this shows their people are experts in the industry and they know what they are doing. It also goes without saying that these types of next-level content gets shared a lot, as well as referenced which can bring a whole lot of traffic and SEO juice to the website.

There are people who say that infographics are dead and, to a certain point, they are right. Old-school infographics are dead. However, next-gen infographics are still very much alive and doing well. We are talking interactive infographics that provide a whole ton of information while also elating the people who read them. They are also almost always animated, really taking the infographic game to a whole new level.

Always Go Visual

This cannot be stressed enough. Visual content has become the new text if you are to ask any experts.

For example, you will see more and more companies and even individuals with home businesses making videos and putting them up on social media instead of publishing blog posts. There are companies whose entire blogs are nothing but videos from different categories (how-tos, interviews, behind-the-scenes videos, etc.)

Video is becoming more and more used even in industries that used to be considered somewhat technical and not exactly exhilarating. For example, a surety bonds company JW Surety Bonds does great short videos that explain the sometimes complex world of surety bonds in a way that appeals to their visitors and potential clients.

Even if you do more traditional, text content, always make sure that you are accompanying it with some great visuals such as images and gifs that will keep people engaged.

In the end, it will all be about engagement and how likely people are to come back for more content from you. If you provide them with spun articles that tell nothing and that have the same emotional impact of seeing paint dry, you are in for a bad time.

Content marketing has evolved and you have to do the same if you want any success with it.

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