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If you can string sentences together and have flair in marketing, we welcome you to submit an article with us. eMarketing Strategy reaches thousands of business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers, and press reporters in the UK and across the world. Writing for us can be highly fruitful for you, whatever the goals that you are trying to achieve from guest blogging.

Why Submit and Article with Us

People write articles and guest posts with different objectives. You may be a business start-up looking to get the word out. You may be a professional writer looking to get published. Or, you may be a specialist in your industry who wants to be known more widely. Blogging with eMarketing Strategy gets you to your goals via the shortest route. Read on to know how.

At eMarketing Strategy, we have pre-established marketing channels and intensive mailing lists, thanks to our rich marketing experience. When you submit an article that conforms to our editorial guidelines, we publish it and share it with our vast audience. Most of the people in our network wield considerable social influence, and if your article sits well with some of them, chances are that it will be widely shared through their own private networks. The results can be miraculous.

Article Submission Guidelines

Please keep your articles at least 300 words in length and related to Internet marketing. Write in perfect English, have something valuable to share, and make sure your article hasn’t been published anywhere else. Include your short bio, comprising 2 to 3 lines and a link back to your website (or wherever else you want). If you have Google+ authorship, send us the link and we’ll include that too.

Here’s your chance to write for a high quality blog read by the right circles. Submit an article and get one step closer to success and fame.