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Guest blogging is the most effective, free way to get the word across to your audience, and get yourself established as an expert in your industry. Professionals, writers and entrepreneurs find guest blogging instrumental for personal and business success. Targeted and optimized guest posts will continue to drive you traffic and provide you publicity value even years after they get published.

eMarketing Strategy is the perfect platform for you to expand your reach and influence. While we suggest that you submit a guest post related to marketing, you can really relate anything to anything if you get a little creative. For instance, if you are an entrepreneur running a small business, you can share your real-life experiences that you had while marketing your business. If you are a website designer, you can give us a few tips about website layout for different businesses, and so on.

Your post will be read and shared widely if it offers something valuable to you audience, something that they probably couldn’t find elsewhere. Use facts in you post and opinionate it slightly, in order to invoke argument. One of the things that would be unique to your posts is your personal writing style. Take help from some of the online writing resources like Copyblogger, etc to develop an attractive style. Of course, the spellings and the grammar should be perfect if you want to be taken seriously.

We support guest bloggers by publishing your short bio and a link leading to your website. When you submit a guest post, it is circulated through our marketing channels to a targeted audience of entrepreneurs, businessmen and marketers. Some of them can share your post through their own channels, which multiplies the number of eyes that view your bio and the number of hands that click on your link. And yes, Google still loves those back-links that you build.