Why Resources are a Great Content Marketing Tool


We live in the age of content. Content marketing has transcended its humble beginnings and it is now used by pretty much every organization with a significant online presence. Whereas content marketing was previously only done by for-profit companies, it is now used by pretty much everyone – from individual bloggers to financial organizations and even not-for-profit organizations.

As years went by, it became obvious that your run-of-the-mill 500-word articles no longer do the job. Content evolved and one of the most beautiful new species of content have to be various resources that organizations provide for the general public. Sometimes these resources become organic content marketing tools without the organization behind them aiming for this. But we’ll get to that later.

Different Types of Resources

Resources that are used for content marketing purposes can come in a whole array of different forms.

For example, you have the evergreen white papers – more extensive elaborations on a certain subject, usually backed by significant data and providing unique insights to the readers.

Then, you have your studies and research which ends up providing new insights and data that was up to that point unknown and which has been obtained using scientific methods. These resources require a lot of time to create, but they can be fantastically effective as content marketing tools.

Resources can also come in the form of useful tools such as calculators or tiny questionnaires that can provide information and help consumers in any number of ways. These are usually interactive and they hold spectacular potential for turning viral.

Infographics used to be quite popular, but it seems people have grown tired of them. Still, if done the right way, they can still become quite popular, especially if they are picked up by influencers or major content sharing platforms.

Think outside the box. Some businesses in the housing industry now offer 360-degree tours, these are great for their content marketing efforts.

Ecommerce websites also produce various how-to guides that are a great way to display their products without it seeming too intrusive or aggressive.

These are just some of the types of resources that are permeating the world of content marketing nowadays.

Why Everyone Loves Resources

There are numerous reasons as to why people love various types of resources, which may not be of interest to some people (as long as they work), but which can also unearth some important lessons if you are thinking of investing in creating resources.

For one, these resources often solve a problem that the potential customers of an organization have. A great example of this are various calculators and tests. Take, for example, this age pension income test by one of Australia’s biggest retirement funds. It helps Australians work out the very complex matter of age pension deductions. You can rest assured that it is a resource that is very popular amongst people or retirement age in Australia (the target audience of the organization).

A great piece of research will, on the other hand, get quoted and referenced to oblivion, especially if it provides concrete data on something that is popular and that hasn’t been covered in detail so far (or recently). People like to back their writing with data and if you provide this data, you can rest assured your resource will get shared and talked about extensively.

Certain types of resources such as infographics (if done right) can also produce a more emotional response in content consumers, making them laugh, think or simply enjoy some nice visuals while learning something. It makes for a much more engaging content that will not be ignored like 99% of other online content that people consume.

Above everything else, however, resources bring results. Content that provides significant value to consumers is bound to be more effective than content created for content’s own sake. If you wish, you can find out more on content marketing statistics in this great resource compiled by the people from Curata.

Closing Word

Creating expansive resources can be time-consuming and it can be quite costly. However, once all is said and done, the return on investment will make it worth it.

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