How to achieve user engagement with email marketing?


Marketers in the current scenario are facing huge challenges particularly when it comes to achieving a higher level of engagement with their email marketing campaigns. Now getting the email address of your prospects can be one of the easiest tasks but actually letting that person open your mail can be one of the daunting tasks.

How huge is your social media following?


Almost every kind of business is aims at having a huge list of loyal followers on the social media platforms like Google plus, Facebook and Twitter. Now how actually you are going to get them is certainly a huge concern. Google is giving more evidence than it used to give ever that the social media authority and the following is …

Help your blog survive with targeted traffic


It is going to be pretty tough to make money without people landing on to your blog or website. You are required to watch out for the influx of traffic and how you can actually help it convert. There are many ways of getting traffic on your page and trust us, some of them don’t really seem to work in …

Integrate psychology into your marketing campaign


There are actually plenty of ways to market your company but do you know all of them? You can go for search engine optimisation, try your hands at producing some quality content, look into your social media marketing, etc. You also try out some of the beneficial paid ad sources and not only this; you also have your eyes on …