Why Content Marketing is Pointless


  The problem with content marketing and the question of its usefulness is not something unheard of and there are many issues that this way of advertising managed to rise in the world of online businesses. The questions are all legitimate – What exactly does content marketing do? How does one measure quality content and the earnings made through content …

5 Types of Persona Used for Personal Branding


Personal branding is becoming a more and more marketing tool, especially now that social media is allowing people who may not have had as much success as they would have wanted to show off who they are and what they are all about. When we are talking personal branding, we should point out that many people who do it choose …

The Power of Visual Communication

city night scape with watermark cropped (1)

We interpret visual stimuli differently to text. Our brains are able to decipher elements of an image simultaneously, whereas language is decoded in a more linear, sequential way.

Why Athletes Have Become Big Players in Marketing

Why Athletes Have Become Big Players in Marketing

The marketing world was rocked earlier this month when it was announced that Nike signed their first ever lifetime deal with a professional athlete. The athlete in question is LeBron James with whom Nike already have worked since he came into the NBA in 2003. The exact figures were not announced, but according to some experts, the deal is probably …

Mobile Marketing Ad Spend is on the Rise   


Mobile marketing ad spending is rising quickly. According to TechCrunch, even though digital advertisement is still trailing behind TV ad spending, digital ad spending is the fastest-growing category of all.

Outside Online Marketing – Success and Security

Outside Online Marketing – Success and Security

It is hard to think of a business that would not benefit from a bit of online marketing. Perhaps something that caters to the needs of people who are ideologically against computers and internet. Everyone else (or at least the vast majority, we cannot claim certainty) have a lot to gain by going online to market their brand, their products …

Trying to reach other markets: Set up business closer

Trying to reach other markets Set up business closer

Today we live in a world where borders are less and less important. Quite naturally, the global market is no exception to this rule. As a modern business owner, you are basically obliged to follow your service or product to places where the demand for them is the greatest. Luckily, the world of modern business is no longer limited geographically …