Making your Content Mobile-Friendly

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The importance of good content marketing is well-known to every reader of E-Strategy Marketing. The importance of good content is also more than well-known to every reader of E-Strategy Marketing. One aspect of good content that often gets neglected, however, is the fact that many consumers of it will do so (consume it) on their mobile device. What this means …

Why every Business must integrate Mobile apps into their Marketing Strategy

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Many businesses think that mobile apps are only for big businesses and that smaller businesses have neither resources, not capabilities to develop an app for business. Tough this may have been a case in the past but in last few years, the tide is turning. Today marketers have many choices on where and how to promote & advertise product and …

The Beginner’s Guide to SMS Marketing


Have you considered using SMS as part of your marketing campaign? SMS marketing is fast and efficient in getting your message across to people who are interested in your business. Once they sign up for your text services, you are free to send them notifications and reminders when needed. Top 5 Reasons why SMS is a Powerful Tool for Marketing: …

Mobile Marketing Ad Spend is on the Rise   


Mobile marketing ad spending is rising quickly. According to TechCrunch, even though digital advertisement is still trailing behind TV ad spending, digital ad spending is the fastest-growing category of all.