Mobile Marketing Ad Spend is on the Rise   


Mobile marketing ad spending is rising quickly. According to TechCrunch, even though digital advertisement is still trailing behind TV ad spending, digital ad spending is the fastest-growing category of all. In fact, mobile ad spend increased by 13 percent just in the past year. It now makes up nearly 30 percent of all marketing-related spending for retail businesses.

Why is it Rising?

The increase in mobile ad spend can be traced back to several key factors that make it more lucrative for businesses, including:

  • Increase in the use of mobile devices. – The popularity of mobile devices is undeniable. In fact, CNN reports that the use of mobile devices has now surpassed the use of desktop computers. Furthermore, most adults have their cellphones within reach all day long, making it possible for companies to connect with them instantly at any time. With so many consumers relying on these devices when they shop, retailers cannot afford to ignore them and should be developing a viral app strategy.
  • Variety of marketing methods. – Mobile devices open the door to many different marketing strategies. For example, mobile devices can be used to access emails, utilize mobile apps and log onto your company’s website. Companies can also engage consumers using mobile devices via SMS messaging.
  • Easy automation. – Mobile marketing can be automated easily. A variety of software programs exist that can be used to draft and send automated emails and SMS messages. This allows companies to launch highly-structured, effective mobile marketing campaigns with minimal effort.
  • High ROI. – Mobile marketing methods offer an impressive ROI that exceeds that of many other marketing methods. For example, while email has only a 22.8 percent open rate, SMS messages have a 90 percent open rate.

Getting the Most out of Mobile Marketing

If you aren’t already investing in mobile marketing, now is the time to start. To get the most out of your mobile marketing campaigns, follow these tips.

1. Develop a comprehensive plan.

When developing a mobile marketing strategy, make sure that you are integrating it with all of your other marketing methods so that consumers receive a consistent brand message from every source. Use multiple channels to contact consumers, including social media, SMS messaging, email and paid ads. Encourage consumers to connect with you via as many channels as possible.

2. Target marketing campaigns to the right consumers.

Use your current connections with consumers to collect relevant information, such as email addresses and cell phone numbers. Categorize consumers based on their position in the sales funnel and use this information to send the most appropriate marketing materials to each person. Be sure to receive express permission from consumers before you send them emails or SMS messages.

3. Invest in marketing automation software.

Increase the efficiency of your mobile marketing campaigns and maximize your ROI by investing in high-quality marketing automation software. Use this software to launch cohesive marketing campaigns across all of your channels simultaneously.

4. Monitor the success of your efforts continuously.

As you market your products and services to consumers via mobile, track and monitor the success of each campaign continuously. Use this information to perfect your campaigns over time.

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