Marketing for One, Please


When you’re about to launch a small business, it’s necessary to do some planning in advance. Once the wheels of your business start turning, you won’t be able to grasp many details that can have great influence on its future. Since today, marketing plays a big part in achieving your business goals, every new entrepreneur should study the most practical tips on this matter, before they set off on their entrepreneurial quest.


Increase visibility with networking

If you look back on your school days, you’ll remember that there was always that one kid who stood aside and didn’t mingle with other kids. As a matter of fact, you might even not remember them for that very reason. If we translate this to the business world, you can’t allow yourself to be that kid. This is why you should work on networking as hard as possible. For starters, search the Web for organizations that gather companies from your field. Join such organizations to improve your visibility on the market.

Moreover, join social media groups related to your niche. Finally, follow the YouTube channels of the most distinguished professionals and see how they utilize the benefits of this medium.


Promote through social media

Apart from joining social groups, you should become an active member of social media in general. The omnipresence of gadgets and bandwidth Internet enables modern small business owners to promote their ventures on social media in real time.

The greatest advantage of these online networks is the fact that you can benefit from both your personal accounts and your business pages. In order to improve your marketing performance on social media, apply the following tips:


  • Share your video content – Make videos of important business features. Fine smartphone and video-editing tools will do for this purpose. Your customers will appreciate original content.
  • Avoid stock photos – Take your own photos and promote your personal business values through them.
  • Call customers to action – Invite your friends and followers to leave comments on your posts. Also, publish only relevant business material, to attract them in a natural way.
  • Analyze your results – Measure how fast your Facebook page is growing. Learn more about it here. Try new strategies if the current ones don’t work.


Engage in the local community

No matter if you run an offline or online business, you should pay attention to your local community. It’s possible to engage in your local area in many different ways. For instance, you can organize a race to increase the awareness of the locals. If it’s done in collaboration with the local government and the health service, the turnout could be substantial. On the one hand, you’ll promote healthy living habits. On the other, you’ll be given a chance to spread the word about your business. For that purpose, you can provide running T-shirts with your brand name printed on them or have companies like Amazing Wristbands make custom wristbands for that race.

Moreover, you can take part in other events beneficial for your local community, such as charity events, concerts, cultural promotions and many other occasions. They won’t cost you a lot and you’ll get the opportunity to improve your offline and online marketing presence.


Prepare written, audio and video giveaways

While giving away typical freebies, such as key rings and hats, will also serve a promotional purpose, you should think about some more sophisticated marketing options. Two features that can be a great promotional breakthrough for a small business are an original e-book and its audio podcast version. It can be a compilation of your blog posts, website texts and your own business experiences.

Additionally, you can also make your own free video tutorials and publish them on your website, social media pages and your YouTube channel. However, always use them to show people some practical tips from your niche. While your video promotion should be engaging and appealing, keep a serious tone and leave the impression of a committed and knowledgeable businessperson.


These are interesting times for small businesses. On the one hand, you have dozens of online and offline promotional options. On the other, many businesses are trying to succeed nowadays. As a result, you need to present your business in a unique way to gain popularity. Therefore, we hope that the marketing-for-one plan we have explained in this piece will make your small business take off and become a well-known brand in your niche.

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