Guest Bloggers Wanted

Thanks to the Internet big-bang, there are plenty of blogs and websites displaying the ‘guest bloggers wanted’ sign, but not all of them take you to your goals. If you are looking for a decent marketing blog which you could use to leverage your expertise and reach out to your audience, you’ve reached just the right place.

Why Write for Us?

People are interested in guest posting for a variety of reasons. You may be an entrepreneur who wants to be known as a specialist in your industry, an expert looking for recognition, or a writer who wants to get published. You may want to drive traffic and leads to your website, or maybe, just build some link juice for SEO purposes. Writing for eMarketing Strategy, you can achieve all of these goals, and more.

The posts that you write for us are shared through our email and social media channels to business leaders, managers and marketers in the UK and across the world. If you think our target market coincides with yours, and you have something to say to your audience, we are open and accommodative to your posts. We’ll support you by providing space for a short bio and a back-link to your website or blog.

Posts that We Love?

We welcome guest posts on social media, online branding, email marketing, PPC advertising, SEO, mobile marketing, website designing, video marketing, strategy, evaluation and analytics, marketing tools, and most other Internet marketing topics that you may come to your mind.

Please send us posts that stick out among a sea of content and raise eyebrows. Say something different, something new, and you’ll be shooting to your goals faster than you have planned. Write crisp and catchy content that people find helpful, and you’ll be one step closer to success. Questions? Send us an email and we’ll ping you back with whatever it is that you want to know.