Why DIY Digital Marketing Isn’t Always a Great Idea


We live in an age of innumerable digital marketing “experts” and “gurus” and “influencers” who somehow manage to both have fantastic success in the world of digital marketing (until you ask them to produce references) and find the time to write half a dozen articles on the latest digital marketing craze every day.

If you ask them, a cow could do digital marketing and it only takes a bit of time. In a certain philosophical way, anyone can do anything if given enough time, but in the real world, thinking that you can do digital marketing for your company all on your own is a fallacy.

The Time

Let’s imagine that you run a half-decent company that employees about 25 people and that has a steady stream of revenue. Perhaps it is even growing. You spend at least 40 hours a week running your company and that is an easy week. More likely, you will be spending at least 60 hours steering the ship.

Now, let’s imagine that you take the advice of one of those “expert/guru/influencers” and you decide to do your digital marketing on your own.

In order to even get the most basic grasp of it, you would need a few months of spending at least 4 to 5 hours a day just learning about the various techniques, strategies, and nuances of digital marketing.

Once you start actually doing it, you would need even more.

To cut a long story short, no one has the time to do it themselves, unless it is some sort of a meta-digital marketing where doing your own digital marketing makes it possible for you to make money by talking about your own digital marketing.

If you run an actual business, there is simply not enough time.

The Constant Changes

Another reason why DIY digital marketing is rarely a good idea is that it is in a constant state of flux. It is not like when you master doing your company taxes or handling certain HR processes.

Various types of digital marketing will work one month and then not the next. All of a sudden, a practice you engaged in for years will start hurting your website and your company in general. You will discover that Google AdWords in your industry have suddenly become far more competitive, meaning that you can no longer afford to compete for the most attractive keywords.

Keeping track of all of this requires constant vigilance and the ability to predict and react appropriately when something happens. Unless you have years of experience in digital marketing, it is almost certain you will not have sufficient skill to handle such tricky occurrences.

Once again, staying in the loop will require far too much of your time, making it senseless to do it on your own.

The Technology

While trends will change dramatically in digital marketing over exquisitely short periods of time, things are even more insane when it comes to the tech needed to achieve truly great digital marketing results.

Take this particular campaign done by a renowned marketing agency from Canberra. Namely, they were hired by the Museum of Australian Democracy to promote the best political cartoons from the year 2015. They decided to make it happen by bringing the cartoons to life by turning them into gifs and then promoting them on various channels.

Now, this is not something you do using MS Paint. This requires some really serious tools and people who know how to use those tools. This is technology that was unavailable a few years ago.

DIY digital marketers will rarely have access to the absolute top-of-the-line technology and it puts them at a disadvantage before they have even started.

Of course, not all digital marketing requires stellar tech, but it doesn’t hurt to have access to it.

Closing Word

Sometimes DIY digital marketing will simply not be cost-effective. You will be wasting too much of your own resources on results that will pale in comparison to what experts could have done for you for a reasonable fee.

Treat digital marketing like any other business process – if you are not too great at it, maybe hire someone who is.

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