How These Companies Do Twitter the Right Way


Twitter is one of the most active social media platforms in the world, second only to Facebook. Real-time conversations and fast-paced feed is what makes Twitter so unique and favorite for businesses and individuals. It has earned its place as one of the top 3 social media giants – over a billion registered users, about 320 million active users, and 100 million users daily.

Today, instead of pointing out the mistakes that businesses make on social media, let’s focus on the ones that do a great job, and try to get inspired by their success. By studying what these brands are doing on Twitter, you can shorten our learning curve and sharpen our skills, becoming able to leverage Twitter for your own business needs. Despite the fact that building a large and engaged following seems difficult and overwhelming, it can be done with some perseverance and determination, even on a shoestring budget. The brands we’ve taken as an example are some of the most solid brands out there that post very quality content, and have a good follower count on Twitter. Let’s see how these business giants use Twitter to their advantage.

1. Starbucks

Now, Starbucks really crushes their Twitter game, and with almost 12 million followers – they seem to understand social media to its core. They have been in the news and started a worldwide debate around the #merrychristmasstarbucks hashtag due to their red Christmas coffee cup not being Christmas enough. They embraced this by showing off their Starbucks cup in various forms. Also, they do a great job of showcasing their followers by interacting with them and retweeting them. Starbucks uses many different media types effectively – whether it’s a gif, video, or a photo collage with an interesting and witty headline – they do it right and do it often, and always include a hashtag that further extends their reach.

2. Netflix

“Netflix and chill” has become a recognizable phrase worldwide, even by those who don’t even have a Netflix subscription. And even though Netflix has a lot of data on its users, the company seems to truly understand who their social audience is. So, whether it’s a gif that summarizes how most people feel about them, or a famous quote from any of their available streaming titles, Netflix successfully keeps creating content that resonates with their users.

3. PlayStation

PlayStation is one of the oldest and most renowned video game giants. They continue to succeed on Twitter, having more than 15 million followers. What people like about PlayStation’s Twitter account is that they keep posting a wide variety of posts – texts, links, and videos. They engage with their fans, retweet them often. They have successfully used pinned tweets to make their engagement soar, as pinned tweets bring a high level of engagement because they act sort of like an ad spot.

4. DiGiorno Pizza

DiGiorno Pizza is one of the funniest brands to follow on Twitter. They usually tweet about pizza, but not in an overly-promotional way one would expect. Take for example their 2013 tweet that broke the Internet, when they live-tweeted NBC’s “The Sound of Music”. It was hilarious, weird, but also a great example of how a brand can hop on a popular hashtag (in their case, it was # TheSoundofMusicLive) to join in on the already-popular Twitter conversation. DiGiorno Pizza managed to tweet 38 times, pick up over 4,000 new followers, and garner over 44 million social impressions in just two hours of live-tweeting. The majority of their tweets are funny odes to pizza, created in an erratic, crazy voice that they also used in the live-tweeting.

5. Charmin

In 2014, Charmin was named “the sassiest brand on Twitter” by TIME, which showed that people behind Charmin’s Twitter account are masters when it comes to social engagement. Their brand voice is lighthearted, fun, and toilet humor-centric, and it’s featured in all their tweets. They have created a number of successful hashtags – the most famous one, which earned them a Shorty Award, is #TweetFromTheSeat, engaging their followers to tweet while on the toilet. They constantly use Twitter to respond to people who tweet at them, ask their followers to answer questions, and join in on trending hashtags.

6. GoPro

When it comes to user-generated content, GoPro is king. This video-camera manufacturer harnesses the power of user-generated content by looking externally for great social media posts. They always encourage people using their products to send them their best shots, which makes for impressive content to share on social media while showing off their products in action. In 2016, it became possible to livestream video from a GoPro action camera via the Periscope app (owned by Twitter). This feature is available for iPhone only, and limited to those using a HERO4 Silver or HERO4 Black GoPro camera.

7. Youi NZ

Even though the number of their Twitter followers is still small, Youi NZ Insurance is a New Zealand insurance company that’s doing a great job with their video content strategy for social media. They have their own show called “Who’s in the Car”, where they drive around with celebrities, getting to know them. In addition to this, they regularly share great insights from both their industry and the auto safety industry as well. They are also forthcoming with the behind the scenes videos and pictures of their employees doing great work.

8. Royal Dutch Airlines

Royal Dutch Airlines understands the power of Twitter as an invaluable platform for engaging their customers. Airlines are already known for garnering tons of engagement on social media, but RDA answers all their customers tweets, even mean tweets from a delayed plane. They even include the estimated response time in the header photo on their Twitter account, which is updated every 5 minutes.

Every brand likes to talk about itself on social media. However, they will sound too braggadocios if they do it all the time. There are certain unwritten rules to Twitter, just like in face-to-face conversations. If you try to make the conversation only about yourself, you’ll come across as arrogant. Twitter was designed for people (originally), not for brands, which is a strong reason for you to personalize your brand and talk to your followers as people instead targets that you’re trying to attract and manipulate. Remember that the most successful brands on Twitter tweet like real people, not like brands.

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