Become an Author

With millions of people reading blog posts and articles every day, the internet is a great place for authors. The demand for quality content is rising and many people are adopting blogging as their full- or part-time job. You can become an author and get the word out about yourself and your businesses. The world is tuned in, and the time to say it is now.

It’s a wide wired world with billions of Internet users logged into social media websites and searching the blogosphere for things that they are interested in. A post that you publish today will be there forever, and forever is a pretty long time. If you wrote a quality post and optimised it by keying in the right words, it will be viewed every day by thousands of people … people who otherwise had no way of knowing about you or your product. It will be there, day after day, night after night, driving you leads and making you famous.

If you want to become an author, we are here to see that you start on the right foot. Getting yourself published on a blog that doesn’t attract many visitors wouldn’t serve you any good. With us, your post gets viewed by thousands of people … people who really matter. The moment you publish with us, your post is tweeted, shared and emailed through our extensive marketing channels to a vast audience of business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers. You can attract business while making you mark as an author and a specialist.

We encourage posts that have a ‘marketing twist’ to them. Relate your experience to marketing and put it down in a good language and style, and you are all set for publishing with us. Of course, we’ll also print your short bio and provide you a back-link to your website, and will also include your Google+ authorship details.