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There has been no better time than this to reach out to the world with your ideas, and cement your reputation as a thought-leader and visionary. If you are bursting with ideas for the new age of digital marketing, now is your chance to become known.

At eMarketing Strategy, we welcome posts from guest bloggers and marketers. Our blogs are read by business leaders and marketers in Britain and across the world, thanks to our extensive mailing lists and marketing channels. When you become a contributor, you can make your mark where it really matters.

Contributor Tips and Guidelines

We are interested in anything related to eMarketing, and would publish it as long as it meets our editorial guidelines. The topics may range from email marketing to social media and from PPC advertising to guest blogging. You can enlighten us about mobile marketing or SEO or analytics or a marketing tool that you found worth mentioning, or anything else that you think would be interesting for our readers, and yours.

We put no limits on the word count as long as the ideas are expressed adequately. However, make your posts at least 300 words in order for them to be picked up by the Google radar. Use headings, stats, pictures, or anything else that would make your post interesting for the audience; but hey, that’s totally up to you. If you are telling a different and interesting story, you’ll pick up followers faster than a snowball picks up snow.

We want you to become famous and would gladly publish your short bio and a back-link leading to your website or blog.

How You Can Become a Contributor

We value guest bloggers and respond to your queries promptly. If you are looking to start blogging or want to expand the network of the blogs that you write for, shoot us an email and start contributing to a decent and vastly read blog.