4 Sure Fire Ways to Increase Conversions on my Site

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4 ways you can definitely increase conversions on your website

Increasing website traffic is all well and good. But, how can you increase the number of conversions which result from this traffic? Let’s face it, without conversions you can have plenty of site visitors, but you are not going to make sales and increase your ROI.

Conversions do not just happen by accident. You need to think carefully about your online presence, and provide what is needed to ensure that people do not just visit your website; but go on to buy your product, or pay for your service. To help you with this, here are four sure-fire ways of increasing your conversion rate.

Make sure your value proposition stands out

The vast majority of industries are subject to huge competition on the Internet. You need to stand out, or you run the risk of losing out on potential business. Why should the people who visit your website buy from you? Why should they choose your product against those offered by your competitors? The answers to these questions should be included in your value proposition, which is an important part of your website content. Make it informative but concise. In approximately thirty words, tell people what your brand can do for them.

Use video to make your brand more human

Video is an excellent means of communicating the human aspect of your business. This can be especially useful if you are involved in an industry which does not lend itself to being obviously engaging, such as the legal profession. People are more likely to hire a lawyer who they feel comfortable speaking to. Being able to see members of your firm in a video helps to create this connection.

Use separate landing pages

If you are using a Pay Per Click (PPC) solution, such as Google Adwords, you should consider directing traffic from your ads to dedicated landing pages. You can remove all of the peripheral information from these pages, and enable people to simply buy your product, or pay for your service. You should include only the details that they need to see after they have clicked on your ad. Leave all of the more detailed information for your website homepage.

Make it simple for people to buy

This is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for some businesses. You cannot expect to increase conversions if you make people jump through hoops to buy from you, or if you give them too much choice. Your order and checkout processes need to be simple and streamlined. Give people the opportunity to purchase as a guest, so they do not have to go through a lengthy registration process. Although you may think that offering people a wide choice of options is a good idea; this is not necessarily the case. If you include too many payment or postage options, the process becomes confusing and people are actually less likely to complete their purchase.

All of these tips will help you to increase conversions on your website. If you need additional help with making this happen, it’s a good idea to speak to online marketing services. They can help you to ensure that your web presence is geared towards not just attracting visitors, but converting traffic into sales.

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