The Beginner’s Guide to SMS Marketing


Have you considered using SMS as part of your marketing campaign? SMS marketing is fast and efficient in getting your message across to people who are interested in your business. Once they sign up for your text services, you are free to send them notifications and reminders when needed. Top 5 Reasons why SMS is a Powerful Tool for Marketing: …

Why Good HR Makes for Great Marketing


The idea of marketing as one of the most important cogs in any company’s machine is at the very center of e-Strategy Marketing and the majority of articles that you can read on this website. For some reason, people often see marketing as one of those business silos that operate in isolation from other company resources, content on delivering a …

The Importance of Being Vanity-Wary in Social Media Marketing


Before we start digging deeper into social media marketing, the vanity that almost invariably surrounds it and all the ways in which people do it the wrong way, we should put something forward, simply to ease the brunt of some of the insights that will be shared later in this article – social media marketing works and it can be …

How Content Marketing Helps Promote Your New App


Everyone is launching an app these days. Your baker is launching an app, your personal trainer already has one. Every other business you spend money with wants you to install their new mobile app. And it actually makes sense to do so. For one, having your own mobile app will make your business seem so much more professional and modern. …

How to Pull Great Content out of Thin Air

George_Gordon_Byron,_6th_Baron_Byron_by_Richard_Westall_(2) - Copy

All the people in the world can be divided into two groups – those who will not run out of the room (town, country, continent) when you tell them they have to write 500 words on a certain topic and those who will. However, even those people who do not struggle with writing and coming up with great content can …

Newsjacking – Doing SEO like a Reporter

Newsjacking – Doing SEO like a Reporter

One of the most difficult things to do when doing content marketing and SEO is coming up with relevant and fresh content for your guest blogging efforts. Whatever your industry might be, the chances are that all of the topics have been used and abused to oblivion. Sooner or later, you simply run out of stuff to write about and …

Common Technology Must-Haves For Modern Businesses


Technology is constantly evolving and impacting the way we do business. Doing business has never been easier or more rewarding thanks to all available technology we have nowadays. IT related investments, big or small, have been shaping the whole business landscape. This doesn’t necessarily mean dollars and cents because we’re going to be looking at some free tech solutions as …

Why Business Intelligence and Social Media Make a Great Mix


Business Intelligence (BI for short) is a concept that has been an inseparable part of the world of business pretty much since times immemorial. It may not have been called BI, but gathering and analyzing data in order to improve one’s organization’s functioning has been at the very core of doing business forever. As technology developed and computers became part …

5 Content Marketing Rules for Startups

5 Content Marketing Rules for Startups

Since its astounding  growth a few years ago, content marketing has become the holy grail of a successful digital marketing campaign for both small businesses and large enterprises.